ITC One: Home entertainment heaven in one compact case

The first product of SE2 Labs, the $25,000 ITC One encases Xbox, Blu-ray, Wii, and more--in a 2-foot-tall console.

Holly Jackson
2 min read
ITC One: Integrated Theater Console
SE2 Labs' new ITC One weighhs 120 pounds and stands 2 feet tall. James Martin/CNET News.com

True audio and videophiles beware. The ITC One home theater system--which lets you pack multiple gadgets into one sleek little 2-foot box--started shipping last week. And it's gonna cost you. Twenty-five thousand to be exact.

CNET News.com attended a demonstration of the product in San Francisco this week. And from what we saw, the ITC One delivered in appearance and ease.

How did SE2 Labs accomplish that feat? Strip down every product to its circuit board, integrate those boards into one unit, and then have one remote to control them all. Or use the nifty touch screen, whichever you prefer.

Each system is built to order and can include multiple products inside. An Xbox serves as the main gaming system and DVD player, and consumers can also add a Nintendo Wii, DVR, and Apple TV.

When the product previewed in March, some consumers expressed disappointment that it lacked a Blu-ray player. The company has since added the Blu-ray Disc drive, although it will cost $1,000 more. Other upgrades, like Wii or outside speakers, will tack more onto the price.

Home theater fans can only order the product online, where they can build their own ITC One by choosing systems to add to the theater. The console automatically has a Vidikron Video Processor and Bryston Digital Surround Processor.

The ITC One has a 4.3-inch touch screen that can control audio and lighting. James Martin/CNET News.com

Using the touch screen or remote, customers can not only control the gaming systems, audio, and video, but also maneuver projector screens, drapery, and room lighting.

SE2 Labs CEO Michael Pyle was working as a home theater installer when he realized that most systems were complicated and inefficient. He created the ITC One with the notion that home theater systems should be easy to use and attractive.

SE2 said it has already begun filling orders for the ITC, and that while it's built for home theaters, the 120-pound system can also be in smaller rooms or even boats and RVs. If you have the money to buy the system, it's a good bet you have somewhere to put it.