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ITC delays decision on Kodak vs. Apple and RIM

The U.S. International Trade Organization says it needs more time to decide on a complaint by Kodak that Apple and Research In Motion are infringing on one of its patents.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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The U.S. International Trade Organization today announced that it is delaying its decision on the matter of Apple and Research In Motion infringing on a patent held by Eastman Kodak.

The decision, which was originally slated to be delivered today, could have big consequences for the two smartphone makers if the ITC sides with Kodak.

In its complaint, filed in January 2010, Kodak sought to get smartphones from both companies blocked from entering the U.S., arguing that their cameras made use of image previewing technology covered by a Kodak patent. A more likely outcome ahead of the ITC's decision is that three companies will reach an agreement, with Apple and RIM paying Kodak royalties.

In January of this year, a judge said that Apple and RIM were not violating Kodak's patent. Next week's decision is based on the ITC's six-member commission either affirming or overturning that ruling.

The ITC provided no reason for an extension on its decision.

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