IT wants better pay, plans to hire more open-source administrators: is there a correlation?

IT plans to hire more open-source administrators. Could this boost their pay?

NetworkWorld has an exceptional article tracing IT salaries, as well as where the market is going. As should be no big surprise, one of the top skillsets required is open source. The good news is that 60% plan to hire open-source/Linux administrators. The better news is that only 42% think it will be hard to find this talent.

Why is this such good news? Because a few years ago finding open-source IT talent was one of open source's biggest inhibitors. With open-source talent in increasing abundance, we should be able to get more open source implemented within enterprises.

As for pay,

Middle managers are more satisfied than those in staff positions, and senior-most managers are more satisfied than both middle managers and staff members. Indicative of the age-old class struggle, 61% of dissatisfied respondents hold staff positions. The most wanting of the lot are trainers, help-desk personnel, technical support staff, software developers and Web programmers, the survey finds.

This is, quite probably, something that isn't going to change anytime soon. But I suspect that more money will go to those with more open-source savvy in the future. Being able to manage the vagaries of open source will come at a premium.