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It took 3,597 Post-it notes to make these 'Star Wars' murals

Office supplies go galactic in a series of "Star Wars" character murals created out of blocky pieces of paper.

A team member poses with Darth Post-it.


Wouldn't we all love to have massive "Star Wars" murals depicting our favorite characters decorating our office spaces?

Employees at UK office supply retailer Viking did something about this desire, creating an elaborate series of murals using an unusual paint brush: Post-it notes.

The "Star Wars" art was inspired by designer Ben Brucker's superheroes series of Post-it note murals.

The wall space at the Viking office is regularly up for grabs for employees to decorate. It required a team effort to design and install the murals. The wall space was measured and calculations made as to how many 3x3-inch paper notes it would take to make each picture.

It took a grand total of 3,597 notes to make Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtrooper and R2-D2 depictions. Those particular characters were chosen based on the availability of Post-it note colors. Poor Chewbacca was a casualty of the color restrictions. It turns out that nobody uses brown Post-it notes.

With gridded images to use as guidelines, it took the team five hours to build out the images, one square note at a time. During the process, the artists battled a whiteboard wall that the notes didn't want to stick to, altered the designs on the go to make them look better and conquered a fear of step ladders.

The beauty of the murals is that any "Star Wars" fan can make a similar project come to life on a wall. You just might have a little trouble sourcing enough black Post-it notes to make Darth Vader.