Is Tomy's i-Sobot a Robosapien killer?

The smallest bipedal humanoid robot is available for preorder on, and it has a nice repertoire of tricks.

i-Sobot: 6.5 inches of robotic fury.

iPod or i-Sobot? For just a little bit more than an 80GB iPod Classic, you can now preorder Tomy's tiny-but-impressive bipedal robot on

The 6.5-inch tall, $300 i-Sobot has already been available in Japan for a while, and it's slated to hit U.S. stores in October.

The miniature robot uses three AAA batteries to power the 17 servo motors for its joints and limbs, three separate CPUs to control its voice and movement, and two gyroscopic sensors, which give it a pretty good sense of balance. The robot can perform such nimble actions as standing on one leg and doing the wave, doing somersaults, and busting out a few push-ups.

i-Sobot has a few modes, as well: a voice-command mode, in which it responds to 10 spoken commands; a programmable mode, where you can string up to 80 movements in a row; and a remote-control mode, where you just move it with the included controller.

Words don't really do it as much justice as Tomy's demo video and various YouTube clips do. Take a look at i-Sobot in action.

[Via I4U and Robots Rule.]