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Is this TV overcompensating?

A subscription version of Hulu could be just weeks away, Google promises Goggles for iPhone by the end of the year, and Sharp shows off a wall-to-wall TV that is a little intimidating.

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Wow, the new Sharp i3 Wall is a lot of TV! I'm tempted to ask who needs that much TV but that would be a silly question. I work for CNET after all!

A few highlights of this beast: It has thirty 60-inch liquid crystal displays mounted 6.5 millimeters from one another. It will cost $550,000 when it launches in Japan later this year. No joke!

Before you start emptying your 401K to be able to afford this (and if you have that much in your 401K, good for you!), keep in mind the equation for TV size in your living room. The rule of thumb is that you should take the number of inches of your television and divide it by 4. That equals the number of feet that you should sit from your TV. Now I can't tell the inch count on the Sharp i3 but if there are thirty 60-inchers, I am going to assume at least five 60-inch TVs on the horizontal axis. So if my math is correct, five 60-inch TVs is 300 inches. If I divide that by 4, that is 75 feet. So you'll need 75 feet in your living room to get the most out of this display. So basically if your living room is the size of a small auditorium, go for it!

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