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Is this the wallet for the Facebook generation?

WaterField Designs makes some of the swankier well-built gadget cases and covers CNET's come across, including ones for the Kindle, iPad, and laptops. The company also has a seemingly very Silicon Valley-esque wallet as well.

WaterField's 'cash & carry' wallet comes in an Indium ($22) or leather ($25) and multiple colors.
WaterField Designs

For those who haven't heard of WaterField, it's a San Francisco company founded by a former Boston bike messenger and professed "bagophile." The company takes pride in the fact that its bags are made in San Francisco, "where rent is high, labor is expensive and competition is intense," and made a bit of a name for itself with with its Cargo Bag. However, more recently it's branched into a lot of gadget categories, including the iPad and Kindle.

While its products aren't inexpensive, they are some of the swankier, well-built gadget cases and covers we've come across. They come in all different shapes and sizes for anything from laptops to cameras to keyboards--and there's even a wallet that strikes us as very Silicon Valley. No, it doesn't have a built-in social media element, but it carries the tagline "compact, cool and ready to roll." For some reason, I just got a flash of Zuck sporting one of these but not the Winklevoss twins. No pocket bulge for billionaires.

Am I wrong?
WaterField also makes cases for lots of gadgets. This is the Kindle Ultimate SleeveCase ($49) WaterField Designs