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Is this the HP Windows 7 Slate?

The Windows 7-based touchscreen tablet meant for business users appears in a YouTube video Thursday. But some doubt its legitimacy.

First it was to be one of HP's biggest product launches of 2010. Then the project was killed. Then it wasn't. So might the HP Slate actually live?

A new video that appeared on YouTube today purports to be a review of a close-to-final prototype of the touch-screen tablet. It shows a device that looks similar to an iPad, but a bit thicker, and running Windows 7. Also included: a 3-megapixel camera, an SD card slot, a microphone, physical button to launch the on-screen keyboard, home key, lock button, and "control-alt-delete" button. It's also described as "lighter than an iPad." Take a look:

The person who uploaded it, someone who's new to YouTube and using the name "x313xkillax," makes sure to point out that it's a prototype, but doesn't let on how he got it.

If the unit shown is real, the demo itself is not exactly setting the Internet on fire. The slow, lagging scrolling on-screen, the existence of a control-alt-delete button, and the lack of true integrated touch features in the Windows 7 software have bloggers, YouTube commenters, and others wondering whether this might be a joke.

But it could very well be real. There are HP stickers all over it, and the textured pattern that appears on the back of the device is familiar: in July, a product page for an "HP Slate 500" appeared on HP's Web site and shows a tablet with a desktop background using the same pattern.

HP did not respond to a request for comment about the video.