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Is this gamer laughably serious?

Footage from a Major League Gaming Competition shows a gamer who seems to be so into his craft that, well, others cannot help laughing.

He's about to blow.
JukinVideo/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Strange pieces of video fly around the Web like seagulls over a beach.

This work of art, however, landed upon me and forced me to put down my lunch, as my breakfast decided to stage a rebellion. Of laughter, that is.

As I understand it, this is a real scene from Major League Gaming. This is a real person participating in spirited competition.

And this is, to my eyes, one of the more peculiar exhibitions of commitment that I have witnessed in some years.

This particular gamer, who seems around Miley Cyrus' age, makes twerking in church seem like a paragon of understatement.

Very early in the video, he stands to express his alleged superiority -- or rather the inferiority of his opponent -- in a manner not unlike an inebriated college football fan who has yet to lose his virginity.

The fervor with which he screams: You lost! You lost!" is entirely, well, lost on me.

When his voice breaks in something akin to primal apoplexy, I am amazed that someone doesn't call a doctor.

But it's when he gets up again and begins to pat himself like some sort of gorilla and proclaims himself unbeatable that my senses break down and my heart heaves a prayer for humanity.

The spectators behind him chuckle. And, though he's the most animated, he's not alone in his rampant forms of self-expression.

One must, though, respect gamers who offer such commitment. This year, the US firmly declared that professional gamers are athletes.

Some might think this on the same level as suggesting that professional hotdog eaters are also athletes.

Still, I suppose this less-than-Shakespearian performance should be classified as merely trash-talking.

Some part of me, though -- perhaps it's the part that briefly studied psychology -- can't help but be slightly disturbed.