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Is this doll haunted? Watch a (creepy) live stream to find out

A reportedly haunted doll is under the camera so that the morbidly curious can determine for themselves the veracity of the claims.

Ann is supposedly haunted with the ghost of an early 20th century Kentucky girl.
​Destination America

Do you believe in ghosts? What about creepy dolls that do creepy things when no one is watching, like the famous Robert? There's no denying it, dolls, especially antique or bedraggled ones, definitely capture the spooky imagination, but whether or not they can move around and wreak havoc remains to be seen.

And seeing is exactly what TV channel Destination America and crime and horror website The Lineup have partnered to do. They tracked down a doll named Ann reported to be haunted, and she has been installed at The Lineup's office under a live stream.

And yes, the live stream is about as unsettling as it sounds.

Ann has a bit of a back-story. According to unnamed "paranormal investigators," she is being haunted by the spirit of a 13-year-old girl of the same name. Real-Ann died of tuberculosis at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky early in the 20th century.

Her nurse at the sanatorium, a woman named Lois, claimed that the spirits of the children who died followed her home. She started a doll collection to house their spirits, and kept a detailed journal of their antics. Ann, for instance, was apparently afraid of the dark.

Whether or not this tale is true, we have been unable to verify. There was a known Lois attached to the sanatorium, but she was a patient, not a nurse, and she died of tuberculosis herself at the age of 28 -- in 1956, way too late to have been a part of Ann's story.

But even if the history behind Ann is a bit suspicious, that doesn't solve the question of whether or not she's haunted. According to reports, Ann (the doll) whimpers sometimes in the night, or cries tears. Sometimes, supposedly, she waves her right arm. People also claim to note a drop in temperature and a funny basement smell around the doll, but you won't be able to see those on camera obviously.

You can watch Ann for yourself on either Destination America or The Lineup for the next two weeks (we've also embedded it below), and if you'd like to have her for your very own, you can enter a competition to become her new owners here.