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Is this burrito graph the silliest Kickstarter project ever?

A design student turns to Kickstarter to fund a bizarre project with the goal of graphing the deliciousness of a chicken burrito.

chicken burrito graphic
This project all started with a question about a burrito.
Noboru Bitoy

Buried amid the graphic novels, wallets, and iPhone docks on Kickstarter, a rather odd project has blown away its funding goal. Granted, that funding goal was a whopping $8, but the "Graphing the deliciousness of a chicken burrito!" project has romped all the way up to $144.

The project comes from design student Noboru Bitoy. His promotional video involves a deadpan introduction to the project, along with an earnest piano music soundtrack. The idea is simple. He will purchase a chicken burrito at Chipotle, eat it, rate its deliciousness, and create a graph to express said deliciousness. A $1 pledge gets you digital copy of the graph. Bitoy insists he has no affiliation with Chipotle, he just chose the chain for his experiment.

At this point, you're either smiling and considering backing the project, or you've shaken your head in disgust and moved on.

Bitoy was so thrilled with the funding success, that he already jumped the gun. He bought a burrito, ate it, and created a deliciousness graph, which will soon be available for backers. You can see the delicious results in the video below.

Like any classic Kickstarter, however, there are stretch goals. Bitoy has already reached the level for eating four chicken burritos, purchased at the same time, but eaten on consecutive days to rate the tastiness of the meal as leftovers over time. If Bitoy hits $175 before the March 6 funding deadline, he will venture into trying all 24 available variations of the chicken burrito, providing a more exhaustive study.

It may be tempting to shake a stern finger at Bitoy and tell him he's mocking the sacred trust of Kickstarter (some mild indignation has appeared on Reddit), but the fact is people are willingly funding him. They find the project amusing, or they're really curious about what the final graph will look like, or both.

If Kickstarter has room for projects that rehash other people's ideas, projects that don't deliver, and gazillions of different wallet projects, than why not make room for projects that are just plain silly? It survived the Kickstarter review process, likely because Bitoy already has a design resume. There's no reason to doubt his ability to graph the deliciousness of a burrito. There are a lot worse things you could spend $1 on.