Is the iWatch the new iPad, we ask in Podcast 345

With Apple's iWatch rumoured and the Sony Xperia SmartWatch 2 unveiled this week, is the smart watch the new iPad?

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Richard Trenholm
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The classic wristwatch: it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin', but is a twenty-first century makeover about to make the humble watch the new iPad?

With rumours swirling of an Apple device that sits on your wrist and talks to your phone, we try out the new Sony SmartWatch 2 and ponder whether smart watches are about to explode in the same way tablets did when the iPad came along.

Plus, we dive headlong into the week's technology news and gossip, including the advent of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the cautionary tale of the fake BBM Android app that fooled thousands.

And we tackle your tech teasers in the Feedback section. Can you use Kinect with Windows 8? Which TV is tops: LED or plasma? And what's the best Android tablet for kids?

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