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Is that a new version of Google Glass on eBay?

Technically Incorrect: A pawnbroker is selling something he claims is a genuine Google Glass and it looks like the rumored Enterprise Edition. Can this be?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Could it be? Could it?


I'd almost forgotten about Google Glass.

I walk freely along the streets, not wondering whether some weird-looking individual making an ugly spectacle of himself is going to invade my space in a self-righteous way.

Yes, I'd heard there was going to be a new version, for enterprise use.

I supposed, though, that this would just appear in context. Instead, here's a pawnbroker on eBay selling something he claims is a "very gently used" black Google Glass.

It bears something of a resemblance to the Google Glass Enterprise Edition reported by the Wall Street Journal as being "quietly distributed" to workers in industries such as health care.

The specs in the listing, first spotted by 9to5 Google, aren't too detailed.

However, if it is an Enterprise Edition it may handle heat more coolly, enjoy an Intel Atom processor and have better than the 30-minute battery life of the original. And this one looks like it has a hinge for easier folding in case someone looks like they might punch you.

To my pained eyes, it still looks quite similar to the device that launched a thousand curses, the most beautiful being Glasshole.

Google didn't reply to a request for comment. However, if it is a real product, how did it fall into the hands of a pawnbroker, even if it's one who has a very fine 99.9 percent positive rating on eBay?

One surely ought to speculate that a Google employee took it to a bar and allowed it to somehow fall off his face, as he got off his face. (Surely you remember the great stolen iPhone scandal of 2010.)

Perhaps a Google employee was merely down on his luck, having invested all his money in hoverboard companies. Or maybe he'd spent too much on very expensive San Francisco gourmet food and bicycles and needed an infusion of cash.

I worry, though, that we're going to be fearing some enterprising soul will take these things out of the enterprise and back into the human wild.

Someone clearly wants this thing badly. The current highest bid as I write is $5,250.