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Is Stephen Colbert getting his own ice cream flavor?

Is it too good to be truthy?

No Fact Zone

I know. I know. It's too cold for ice cream. (My weather widget currently reads 12 degrees.) And this is a gadget blog. But I really couldn't resist this one. Apparently, the rumors might be somewhat true (truthy?) that famed ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry's is releasing a Stephen Colbert-inspired flavor. Why is this at all relevant? Recall that Mr. Colbert is one of the Internet's foremost renegades, eager to transform Wii Boxing into a political statement, hack Wikipedia for his own benefit, and master the art of YouTube self-promotion.

So that's why I find it totally Craveable to broadcast the news that it's possible we'll be seeing the advent of "Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream" in freezers around the nation in April. (Will it still be 12 degrees then?) No, it's not red, white, and blue--looks like this will be vanilla ice cream with chunks of fudge-covered waffle cone and caramel swirl. Mmmm. From what "anonymous sources" on blogs have been saying, this could actually be real.

And if it's not real, goshdarnit, I'm going to go on Wikipedia and make it real.

(Via Best Week Ever.)