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Is Speck's FitFolio the best Kindle Fire case?

Speck FitFolio cases have been popular among iPad 2 and e-reader owners. Now the company has released the FitFolio for Kindle Fire in three colors.

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David Carnoy
Speck's new FitFolio for Kindle Fire comes in three colors and retails for $34.95 (click to enlarge). Speck Products

Speck Products' FitFolio is one of our favorite iPad and e-reader cases, and now it's available for the Kindle Fire.

What's nice about it is that the device fits securely in a form-fitting hard-shell case and your screen is protected by a "vegan" leatherette book-style cover that folds back and converts into a stand (yes, "vegan" leather means faux leather in PC speak). A small bungee cord keeps the cover closed.

This one comes in black, red, and teal versions. Speck also makes the $29.95 BookWrap. However, that case doesn't convert into a stand. Also on tap: the soon-to-be-released WanderFolio for Kindle Fire, which is similar to the FitFolio but incorporates some hideaway pockets for "cards, cash, and more" in the cover.

We have a WanderFolio in the office and it's a little thicker than the FitFolio but still is pretty slim. No word on exactly when that one will be available, but we suspect that it should go on sale within days.

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