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Is Sony clowning around with PSP carnival colors?

On March 5, Sony is releasing the PSP in four new colors in Japan: Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow, and Spirited Green.

Japan gets new PSP colors on March 5. Sony

Monday morning, several blogs are ribbing Sony for announcing that the PSP will come in a new set of "Carnival Colors" in Japan starting March 5. That's all peachy, the critics note, but it's added functionality--not some minor cosmetic changes--that will equate to something meaningful for Sony's portable gaming franchise.

In case you happen to be in Japan in March and are in the market for a more colorful PSP, the new units will cost a tax-inclusive price of 19,800 yen (about $223) with a 2200mAh battery or 24,800 yen (about $279) for a package that includes a 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, PSP pouch, wrist strap, and cloth bundle. The colors are officially called Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow, and Spirited Green. No word on whether we'll see any of these models in North America or Europe.

Anybody want one? Feel free to comment.

(Source: Gizmodo via Kotaku via Akihabara News)