Is Shaq trying to seduce Mark Cuban via Twitter?

An interesting, if not bizarre, Twitter exchange between Shaquille O'Neal and Mark Cuban has led to speculation that Shaquille O'Neal wants to be traded to Dallas.

Shaquille O'Neal and Mark Cuban are deeply confirmed Twitterers.

They have different styles but their fingers seem rarely to leave their keyboards. Perhaps one can even blame sore Twitter-finger for Shaq's poor free-throw percentage.

However, I have been following a bizarre Twitter exchange between the two NBA personalities, one that has now blossomed into strong rumors that Shaq wants to be traded to Cuban's Dallas Mavericks.

It all began on Saturday when Shaq, who has almost 600,000 followers, tweeted: "I'm lookin foor u mark cuban".

The Dallas Mavericks owner replied: "you know where i live.." Which he then followed up with: "And make sure to wear your best ShaqAlbert outfit to the arena tomorrow".

You see, Shaq is a committed Twitteronian CC BelieveKevin/Flickr

Well, Shaq then maintained a Twitter silence. While Cuban made the plot thicken during the game between the Mavs and Shaq's Phoenix Suns on Sunday by tweeting: "Gotta Love @The_Real_Shaq 's heart. dude never lets up."

It seems that a meeting between the two was then arranged, as Cuban tweeted to Shaq at 6:50 a.m. on Monday: "Not happy about it, but will be there." A couple of hours later, he tweeted again: "shaq found me. wish I could say what happened. I kept my cool."

I, too, wish I could say what happened between these two most engaging of characters. Did they have a row or a love-in? Did they have a free-throw competition? Why did Cuban need to keep his cool? Did Shaq claim he was a better tweeter?

However, just when I had decided that this must merely have been one weird conversation between the two of them, I noticed some deeply researched gossip suggesting that Shaq might, indeed, wish to continue his tweeting days in Dallas.

The first ever Twitter-brokered NBA trade? Stranger things have happened. But not many.