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Is Microsoft working on gaming helmets and eyewear?

New patent applications reveal that Microsoft might be working on ways to drastically change the way you play video games.

Patent Bolt

Is wearable technology going to be the next big thing?

For Microsoft, it may be the next step in gaming. Patent Bolt discovered a new Microsoft patent application detailing how a compact display system will work on goggles, helmets, and other eyewear.

According to the application, the company has been working on a gaming helmet accessory for its Xbox console, as well as a pair of glasses to be used with smartphones and other portable devices, since the third quarter of 2010.

Microsoft's patent application calls for a virtual projector system involving lasers that are used to beam images in front of each eye. Due to the fact that our eyes are unable to process images that are too close, these images would be shrunk such that they appear to be farther away.

These images will also be partially transparent so that users can see external objects in the real world. The company also talked about the potential of creating a stereoscopic 3D effect by projecting "slightly different images concurrently."

The New York Times previously reported that Google would introduce augmented-reality glasses by the end of the year. Although it seems unlikely, perhaps Microsoft will beat its rival to the market with a similar product.

(Source: Crave Asia via Wired)