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Is Google's weird new ad taking the pizza?

Google launches a 10-minute ad for Google Mobile in which almost the only line of dialog, repeated so many times that it seriously affects the digestion, is "pizza." Funny?

I think I have spotted a trend. Google is trying to be funny.

Please, put down that meat cleaver and hear me out. Only the other day, CEO Eric Schmidt appeared on "The Colbert Report." He explained that he is making jokes, although he conceded he needs a little more practice.

So who could not think that this new extraordinary, strange, annoying, demented, surreal work of art that Google has just emitted on behalf of its Mobile service is not another attempt at humor?

You must decide if it is a successful attempt. However, I find myself admiring the bravery inherent in getting an actor the repeat the word "pizza" so many times that your acid reflux will surely become an acid tsunami.

Apparently, all you need with Google Mobile is to tell your phone what you need and Google tells you how close you are to getting it.

I am not sure if this is in any way related to what seems like Google's deep and beautiful need to use every clever technology at its disposal to follow you around like that bad date you had a few years ago. But this ad gives you a long, strong feeling for just how extensive Google's stalking tendencies may have become.

Some will wonder whether the fact that the actor holds his phone in his left hand is a surreptitious jape at Apple's alleged left-handed iPhone 4 problems.

However, if you are looking for the punchline in this ad, you will have to watch it all the way through. It comes in the very last second and you'll never guess what the line is. You won't. I'm telling you, you won't.