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Iron Throne toilet lets you rule the bathroom

The Iron Throne toilet isn't forged from the commodes of your conquered foes, but it does replicate the look of the king's chair from "Game of Thrones."

Rule over the bathroom with this Iron Throne toilet. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There are a lot of "Game of Thrones" super-fans out there. They own dragon-egg cookie jars, plush direwolf puppies and "Winter is coming" hoodies. The really fancy fans might even have $30,000 Iron Throne replicas. But only one fan owns an Iron Throne toilet. "Super-Fan Builds," a YouTube series that's created among other things a Groot swing, a BioShock aquarium and a , took on the task of building the pointiest privy ever made.

The lucky fan is John Giovanazzi, a bar owner who keeps "Game of Thrones" beer on tap at his establishment. Prop-making company Tim Baker Creations started by taking measurements of the bathroom space destined to hold the Iron Throne latrine. Next came the design phase. "People are drinking. You probably don't want a toilet that has lots of sharp spiky edges on it," says Baker.

The Iron Throne toilet is made with a plywood base and back plate and fake swords. Sword hilts are cast using plastic. Some of the blades are fashioned from neoprene foam to allow them to bend around the shape of the chair. The throne looks very naked until the painting starts, when it begins to take on the color and look of the famous throne design from the TV series.

The Iron Throne shell is installed over a functioning toilet in Giovanazzi's bar with a conveniently placed sword hilt acting as a toilet-paper holder. Even the toilet seat is painted to blend in with the metallic look of the majestic seat.

The Iron Throne toilet looks like it might be a minor torment to keep clean, so here's hoping the patrons of Giovanazzi's establishment have aim as good as Brienne of Tarth wielding Oathkeeper in battle.