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Iron Man superhero mashups look supercool

The Iron Mash digital art series gives Iron Man gear to superheroes like Batman, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. Imagine the possibilities.

Hey, look! It's Iron Man. I mean Wolverine. I mean...huh? Kode

In the world of superhero supersuits, it's pretty clear who's the winner: Iron Man. Sure, Batman's got all those hidden gadgets and Captain America's got his shield, but really, what beats an outfit that lets you fly, shoot repulsor rays from your hands, and resist pretty much anything thrown at you?

Artist Kode (aka BossLogic), based in Melbourne, Australia, was apparently also taken with Iron Man's suit, so he created a mashup of Wolverine and Tony Stark's alter ego.

"It started off as a joke, mashing Wolverine with Iron Man," he told Crave. "Everyone went crazy and wanted to see other iconic characters fused with the Iron Man suit."

So he went ahead and created 19 more pieces of art that show what would happen if some of the world's famous superheroes (and other iconic figures like the shark from "Jaws," Darth Vader, and Alice from Wonderland) got their own Stark Industries-designed gear.

"I wanted to make the masses happy," Kode said. "Plus we all love mecha versions of our favorite characters."

See if you agree with him as you enjoy some of the more striking superhero pieces from his Iron Mash series below. To see the rest, check out Kode's Behance page.

Iron Green Arrow Kode
Iron Green Power Ranger Kode
"Stark Kent," as the artist calls him. Kode
Iron Batman Kode
Iron Spider-Man Kode