Iron Man looks even badder in sleek black 'Stealth Mode' suit

In advance of the release of the latest Avengers movie, Hot Toys has been putting out some fine hero replicas, including this stealth-suited Stark.

Michael Franco
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Michael Franco
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Known for its amazing attention to detail, toy maker Hot Toys has turned its eye to re-creating Iron Man's "Stealth Mode" suit from the upcoming Avengers movie.
Known for its amazing attention to detail, toy maker Hot Toys has turned its eye to re-creating Iron Man's "Stealth Mode" suit, presumably from the upcoming Avengers movie. Hot Toys

Hot Toys, which produces superdetailed replicas of characters from today's biggest comic and movie franchises, has just released images of a new Iron Man scale model.

Hot Toys refers to Tony Stark's mean-looking black suit as "Iron Man Mark VII Stealth Mode Version." Because this and series of other Avengers figures have been revealed in advance of the soon-to-be-released film "Avengers: Age of Ultron," it's probable that Iron Man will appear in this not-so-basic-black getup in the movie.

On its Facebook page, Hot Toys says the figure features "digital camouflage design, translucent black chest armor and articulated flaps on back of legs, Stark Industries decals at various parts of the armor, LED light-up functions, interchangeable armor parts and a specially designed dynamic figure stand."

But now for the bad news.

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You're going to have to wait a while to get your hands on the stealth-suited Stark, unless you happen to be in Asia during the next few months. The collectible is going to be available only at a few of the spots along the toy company's Asia Tour, which kicks off in Hot Toys' hometown of Hong Kong on April 3. That tour, by the way, will also feature life-size statues of the Hulk and of Iron Man in another new suit of armor, the Hulkbuster (as seen in the .)

If traveling to Asia isn't in your plans, you'll have to content yourself with these photos. You'll also save a bunch of cash by looking and not touching. Though the price for the stealth-mode Iron Man figure hasn't been released, other figures from the Avengers franchise, like this version of Captain America, sell for over $200 (about £135, AU$260).

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