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Iron Man arm lamp gives you a light-up superhero hand

A talented maker turns Iron Man's arm and hand repulsor unit into a super-lamp capable of vanquishing bad guys and lighting up a desk.

Iron Man Lamp
Bask in the glow of Stark's suit arm.
guaicow/Sergio Oliveira

Tony Stark may use the repulsor units on the hands of his Iron Man suit to help him fly around and fight, but Sergio Oliveira has found a different use for them. Oliveira's Iron Man arm lamp is a one-of-a-kind task light suitable for brightening up the work space of any superhero fan.

Unlike the repulsor from Iron Man's armor, the lamp version isn't likely to blast the papers right off your desk. What makes this lamp even better is that it's not a fresh-off-the-assembly-line arm. It's a battle-worn, scarred-surface arm. It looks like it's been through a few rounds with Whiplash.

There aren't any details on how Oliveira accomplished the build, but it certainly looks spectacular. Even the cord and switch is done in Iron Man red. It looks like he snuck into Tony Stark's headquarters, borrowed an arm, and took it home to hot-rod it into the lamp form.

One thing is certain, the lamp probably cost considerably less to make than the estimated price of $2 million to build the repulsors if the suit were actually real. Now, if Oliveira would just make these available on Etsy, I'd be thrilled.

Iron Man arm lamp back
Maybe the rest of Iron Man is under the desk. guaicow/Sergio Oliveira

(Via Nerd Approved)