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iRiver's scuba-friendly MP3 player

The waterproof system can go as deep as 200 feet.

Crave Asia

Waterproof MP3 players aren't novel anymore, but this iRiver iFP-380T system caught our eye not just for its rather unusual design but because it can go scuba diving with you. This device lets you take your music not just into water, but up to 200 feet deep in it.

The full kit comes with the player as well as its waterproof case and headset. A removable clip helps keep the single headphone securely fastened to the strap of the scuba mask. It's a pity that this can store only about 30 songs with its limited 128MB storage, but at $99 it's a small price to pay to have Beyonce accompany you on your next dive.

(Source: Crave Asia)