iRiver Clix review and photos

Check out a slide show of the second-generation iRiver Clix. This photo gallery shows the player from every angle.

Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Yep, the second-generation iRiver Clix has displaced--or at least matched--it's predecessor as the highest-rated MP3 player on CNET. Why didn't it beat out its sibling completely, you rightly might ask? The answer is that the new Clix isn't really a noticeable improvement on the old version. It offers a slimmer, longer design, but not a bigger screen. And it will be optimized to work with Rhapsody rather than Urge. So is it better? Not necessarily. But still, it's one sweet multimedia device. Check out the iRiver Clix review here, or click on the photo at right to launch a slide show.