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Iran to ban Samsung over explosive Israeli cable ad?

Tehran is reportedly rather upset about a commercial in which a Mossad agent's Samsung tablet is instrumental in accidentally blowing up an Iranian uranium enrichment plant.

I wish to report an international incident between Israel and Iran. And, um, South Korea.

For it seems that a TV commercial for HOT, an Israeli cable TV company, has created excessive heat beneath Iranian collars.

The commercial, you see, features three Israeli comedians dressed as women who bump into a Mossad agent, who happens to be hanging around in the vicinity of the Iranian nuclear facility in Isfahan.

He's a fan of theirs and he's actually watching one of their shows on his Samsung tablet.

So you remember that these three men dressed as women are comedians? Well, one of them grabs the tablet, plays around with it, pushes one of the buttons on it, and blows up the nuclear facility.

I am sure my lack of the local language inhibits some of the finer points of the humor. Though the last line reportedly offers the thought: "What? Another mysterious explosion in Iran?" (There have been several lately. Some oddly imagine Mossad might have been involved.)

It seems clear that the humor is entirely lost on certain Iranian dignitaries. For Haaretz reports that an Iranian lawmaker has already declared the spot "insulting."

Worse, he was reportedly appalled that a TV spot would suggest that Israel might be "powerful enough to easily destroy Iran's nuclear facilities or assassinate the country's nuclear scientists." Some might find that curious thinking.

But what of poor Samsung? Can the company have knowingly been involved with such biting humor? It normally reserves its most bared teeth for Apple fanboys, rather than Iranian nuclear scientists.

Well, Haaretz declares that the Head of Majlis Energy Committee, Arsalan Fat'hipour, demands more than a mere apology from Samsung, threatening some sort of ban on Samsung products.

You see, an apology has reportedly already been issued by the company's Tehran office. Samsung explained that, indeed, it had nothing to do with the making of the spot.

How, though, now to manage this bit of bother? Might the company make a new spot in which an Iranian secret service agent (or comedian) blows up something in Israel? I fear that might not be the best idea.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET