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Iran sends message with 'Messenger' bomb

Iran ramps up production of 2,000-pound bomb to be used "where we want."


Iran has kicked off production of its new GBU-78/A Qassed (Messenger), a 2,000-pound "smart" bomb, that will be used "against our enemies at the adequate time," Iranian Minister of Defense and Logistics Mostafa Mohammad Najjar announced on state television.

Najjar pointed out that research and design for the Qassed were carried out exclusively by his ministry, which had also provided 75 percent of the material for the bomb's production, as reported by Jane's Defense Weekly.

The minister said that this proves U.S.-led economic sanctions on Iran have been ineffective and instead "had encouraged self-sufficiency in military-related design and manufacturing," according to Janes. Iran would use Shah-era F-4 and F-5 fighters to deliver the weapon. (Check out their pilot.)

"We will use this weapon where we want," Najjar told the TV audience. He went on to point the finger at "foreign forces occupying Iraq and Afghanistan with an aim of plundering the oil and the energy of the Middle East, to preserve the safety of the mode Zionist and to give a blow to Iran". Anyway, that's roughly the gist, translated from French language TV.