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iPods arrive while waiting for iPad Mini

Apple's new iPod Touch and Nano are shipping, new photos offer more clues about iPad Mini, and Facebook adds a Pinterest-like feature.

Tuesday's CNET Update is in the mood for Tropical Skittles:

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The colorful new iPod Touch and iPod Nano are now shipping. The newest members of the Apple clan have made their way to CNET, and you can check out our unboxing video here. The new Touch starts at $300 with 32GB of memory. Like its iPhone 5 cousin, the Touch sports a larger screen and works with Siri. It also comes in tropical shades of pink, yellow and blue, as well as light gray, slate and bright red for (Product) red. The new Nano is $150 and comes in more colors, adding green and purple to the rainbow. Stay tuned for the CNET complete review.

Aside from the new iPods, the hype continues to grow around the iPad Mini. More purported photos have been posted online. We're expecting to hear when Apple will hold its news event any moment now.

While Apple's iPad is shrinking, Google's Nexus tablet is growing. Google is working on a 10-inch version of the Nexus tablet, according to an analyst at NPD Displa6y Search. The Nexus 7 was made by Asus, but this larger model is reportedly being made by Samsung.

Facebook is becoming more like Pinterest with a new feature called Collections. It allows users to save products into a wishlist. First, a retailer has to build a "Collection" of products on its Facebook page. Pottery Barn and Victoria's Secret are among the few to offer this feature. Facebook users can then "collect" a product they want to post to their wall or save into a category for later viewing. I found it to be buggy when I tried it out and couldn't see the items in my collection. Once Facebook irons out the problems, this will be rolled out to more retailers. It's possible Facebook will want to use this as another revenue stream by charging companies to participate in the future. For now, its free.

Today's show ends with a highlight on the app FreePrints. Handy for ordering prints of digital photos, the app is now available for iOS users. FreePrints takes the images on your mobile device and your social networks (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Picasa) and makes it easy to quickly select which images you want to print. The 4x6 glossy prints are free, but the shipping is not. Starting at $2 for 10 photos, the shipping costs are about the same as you would pay for other online services that deliver photo prints.


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