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iPod speaker that doubles as pool toy

Globular waterproof speaker wirelessly connects to iPod, also has mood lighting.

High-quality audio may be going the way of the endangered Fat Three-Ridge Mussel, but this clam-like floating speaker at least promises to revive any poolside party should conversation begin to dwindle.

Waterproof speaker
Floating wireless speaker is waterproof. 7Gadgets

The Weatherproof Submersible Wireless Speaker from Grace Audio is...exactly that. The speaker doesn't just stand up to a few splashes of water, you can actually toss it in the pool in case your backyard speakers aren't loud enough or close enough for you.

For added fun, and if you want to test its weatherproofing limits, the speaker promises to remain functional up to 9 feet under water for up to a half hour. (Aside: what would that even sound like?)

It connects wirelessly to a music source, up to 150 feet away, and the battery is good for six hours. Neiman Marcus is selling the base station and speaker for $150, with each additional speaker selling for $100. (You can connect up to 10 additional speakers.)

(Via Gizmodo)