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iPod remote for when you're on the go--inside your house

A brief summary of the press release announcing DLO's new iPod product, the HomeDock Music Remote.


DLO has announced its new HomeDock Music Remote for the iPod. It's a wireless solution for controlling your iPod from anywhere in your house or apartment. Your iPod simply rests in a dock, which doubles as a charger, and is connected to your home stereo. With the included OLED remote, you can navigate through all of the artists on your iPod or even create a playlist of your own. Adding even more functionality to the dock, it's also equipped with a USB port, allowing you to sync your iPod with iTunes.

Like other remote-controlled players, the HomeDock uses RF signals to communicate with its base, eliminating the need to worry about line-of-sight issues. DLO claims the device will work up to 150 feet away, even through walls. And while you'll lose the convenience of the iPod touch wheel and the album art display, the DLO's design won't drain your iPod's battery like the Belkin TuneStage 2 does.

The DLO HomeDock Music Remote retails for $130 and is available now at Apple Stores and DLO directly.