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iPod Nano now comes with case

Apple's move to include protective sleeve follows complaints that music player is prone to scratching.

Apple Computer has started including a protective sleeve alongside its iPod Nano, which has won acclaim for its small size but criticism that its screen tends to scratch easily.

The case is similar in design to the sleeve that Apple includes with its fifth-generation, video-capable iPod.

"The case we ship with the new fifth-generation iPod has received great feedback from customers, and we are including a similar case with the iPod Nano," Apple said in a statement.

Almost since the Nano's introduction in September, there have been complaints that the music player scratches more easily than other iPods, though Apple has maintained that the Nano is made from the same polycarbonate material as other iPods.

Last month, a group of lawyers filed a class action suit over the issue on behalf of all Nano owners.