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iPod Classic to get update--or be killed?

Rumor has it that supplies of the iPod Classic are dwindling at retailers. Does that mean Apple is on the verge of updating it--or dumping it?

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
The iPod Classic appears to be in short supply. That could mean one of two things. Apple

The site AppleBitch has an interesting tidbit on the status of the iPod Classic, as supplies appear to be dwindling at various retailers. Target and J&R don't seem to have any in stock and Amazon, which has the 160GB Classic on sale at $229.99 (best deal), lists shipping times at "two to four weeks."

The initial speculation is that Apple might be on the verge of updating the Classic now that Toshiba has recently updated its 1.8-inch iPod-size hard drives to 220GB. The Classic was last updated in September of 2009 and never got a bump in Apple's last update to the iPod line in September of last year.

Of course, the other possibility is that Apple would finally retire the Classic as it continues to move toward flash-based memory in its devices, including the MacBook Air. That said, we still feel there's a nice niche for the Classic for music hoarders with huge collections and hope Apple doesn't put it out to pasture. Anybody else feel the same way or should we not care if it goes away?

(Source: AppleBitch via 9to5Mac )

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