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iPod cases to hide your secret identity

Two versions, because you're special

Griffin Technology

Let's say that, by day, you're a thirty- or fortysomething who works in a buttoned-down office setting. But by night, you still get the occasional urge to boogie, much to your children's dismay. (Not that we know anyone like this--it's a strictly hypothetical scenario.)

Griffin Technology may have something that can help you maintain your dual identity. The self-described "creator of all things iPod" says it is introducing two popular cases for the new Nano lines. The "iClear" model holds true to its name, a transparent but durable polycarbonate shell that won't draw disapproving glances from the suits in the elevator.

The "Disko," on the other hand, is one to bust out when you're ready to let down your product-laden hair: "A ring of colored LEDs around the Click Wheel lights up, swirls, flashes and chases in a variety of fun patterns, triggered by movement," Griffin says. Just try not to embarrass yourself too much on the dance floor if that's possible, Sparky.