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iPhone...we're all over that

Coast to coast coverage of Steve's new toy by CNET TV

As you might imagine, there is a little bit of buzz around the halls here over Mr. Jobs' latest toy. You may have seen some of our coverage of late on the much anticipated iPhone from the , or caught Tom Merritt's "Top 5 worst things about the iPhone". Or Tom's "Top 5 Reasons to love the iPhone" You may have caught our new daily countdown show, "Eye on the iPhone" with Veronica Belmont, Brian Cooley's ranting on the Buzz Report, or Rich DeMuro reporting on the latest in "The Queue." Maybe you even caught our early coverage in January at Mac World. Clearly we have been busy... But nowhere near as busy as we are this week! You can look forward to a lot more coverage - Veronica will continue to keep her Eye on the iPhone and countdown the days to the launch and our CNET Live show on iPhone eve will be all things iPhone. So keep coming back to CNET TV for the latest and greatest coverage. Mark