iPhone users are brain-dead zombies, says new Nokia ad

In its latest attempt to paint those who have an iPhone as retrograde, Nokia offers that its camera doesn't need to use flash, while the iZombie camera pales by comparison.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
A severe case of red-eye. Nokia/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

They are red-eyed and dead-eyed.

They are brain-dead and stiff-lipped.

Their pale faces stare at you, ready to infect you, so that they can affect you. Who are these people? These are the iZombies.

Yes, no sooner had Samsung become somewhat bored with smacking at Apple's pinata of faith then Nokia decided that it, too, must show iPhone users as a group gone awry.

In a new ad to press home the advantage of the flashy, nonflashy camera on the 925 phone, Nokia paints iPhone users as zombies: all flash and no panache.

Here we have the lone Nokia user. Yes, it's David Byrne from his Talking Heads days.

He walks a lonely path. Well, he is the only person in his neighborhood with a Nokia 925.

Some balk at its bulk. Some collapse at its lack of apps. But it has a wonderful camera.

All around him, there are those who wish to blind him with their light. He, though, finds it all rather sinister.

"Can't they see themselves? he wonders. "Don't they realize what pale imitations they are? Even Apple admits that all its users are simply mindless cultists who need to photograph the world on their iPhone, rather than, say, living."

It seems they realize nothing. There are too many of them. They no longer have minds of their own. They just want to flash him with their wares.

How will it end? Will he end up one of them? Will his eyes turn red, his neck turn stiff, and his gait become that of a drunk?

I'm in the dark on that one.