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iPhone-tweeter James Franco plugs Droid Turbo

A very peculiar, very James Franco ad for Motorola's new phone, featuring the man himself, appears online. Has Franco switched?

James Franco and his Droid Turbo in a very James Franco ad. Eleanor Black/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

How do you make people feel excited about your new Droid Turbo phone?

It's not easy, especially when Apple's Tim Cook has already purloined the words

Motorola decided to release strange messages in the run-up to the phone's launch. One posted to YouTube yesterday featured actor James Franco.

Franco isn't known for being, well, linear. So in this ad we have him riding on a bike and being filmed by an unknown woman.

He disappears, then reappears swiftly and takes a picture of his own -- with his Droid Turbo. Was this an allusion to the whole "turbo" thing? Perhaps. Was it even an ad?

The latter I can answer because I went to Franco's Twitter feed. There he posted the very same film with the message: "Me on a bike...even their camera can't keep up #ad #Droid #FrancoFast."

So this is, indeed, James Franco advertising the new Droid Turbo.

I am, of nature, bathed in skepticism. So I looked further down his feed to see what phone he might have been using previously.

There has been something of a history in modern entertainment of stars publicly supporting one phone brand while cheerily using another. Ellen DeGeneres was but one example at the Oscars.

Franco sent his Droid tweet from his Twitter Web client. However, just 15 days ago, he was tweeting from his iPhone, as revealed in Twitter tool Tweetdeck (just below the book's spine):

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

One can only assume he has switched to his new Droid Turbo. And why not?

Perhaps Motorola's next phone will, in an homage to the great artist, be called the Droid Franco. I'm sure it would sell very well in Spain.