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iPhone OS 4 beta reveals AT&T tethering option

A beta version of the mobile software released to developers shows that the ability to share data via the iPhone is an option, at least for now.

It's been almost two years since AT&T first promised tethering for its iPhone customers, or the ability to use a phone as a wireless modem.

Still, we've seen nothing. But developers who got a peek at the beta version of iPhone OS 4, which is officially due sometime this summer, say they found proof that AT&T tethering will arrive soon. The screenshot below shows the option to set up tethering, and once turned on, gives the option to set it up with AT&T. That last part is an important distinction because plenty of other iPhone carriers already offer tethering.

But before we get too excited, we should recall that the option for tethering to AT&T was also revealed in the beta version of iPhone OS 3. Once the final version was revealed, however, tethering for AT&T customers was no longer available.

AT&T has repeatedly said that option is coming, but has not given a date. So whether tethering is finally going to be a reality for AT&T customers this summer is anyone's guess.

iPhone tethering
Is tethering finally coming to the iPhone? Screenshot from