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iPhone not sexy enough? Give it Smart Pants undies

Boxers or briefs? This mini underwear from Japan covers your iPhone's, er, sweet spot.

"Protect your home button," says this ad for Smart Pants iPhone underwear.

Tired of your iPhone case? Now you can play dress-up with tiny underwear from Japan that turns your home button into something altogether different.

Smart Pants from game giant Bandai slip over the lower part of your iPhone in a weird but very Japanese bit of anthropomorphization.

The word "pants" (or "pantsu") is often used to denote underwear in Japan, and these mini undies come in eight varieties for both men and women.

The selection runs from bland briefs and boxer shorts to strawberry-patterned panties and racy leopard-print "t-back" thongs.

One of the eight is a secret design, according to Bandai's Gashapon World capsule toy page.

The i-underwear is made of silicone and can stretch to fit any type of smartphone, the page says.

Smart Pants go on sale in Japan this month for 200 yen each ($2.14). They'll be sold through vending machines in Bandai's Gashapon plastic balls.

They'll also be available online, but Japanese geek site Nicovideo tells us that retailers taking advance orders for them are sold out while Twitter users gush over the skivvies.

What do you think? Would you put one of these on your iPhone? If so, what's its gender?

(Via Newlaunches)