iPhone cravers make their way to Craigslist

Ads on classifieds site range from trading a fistful of coveted White Stripes tickets for the phone hiring someone to wait in line for 60 hours.

Caroline McCarthy Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Caroline McCarthy
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Whenever something's a legitimate social phenomenon these days, you can typically follow the zeitgeist on Craigslist. The impending Apple iPhone is no exception.

I was inspired by a recent Cult of Mac post to hunt on Craigslist for some of my favorite "Buy me an iPhone!" or "I'll buy you an iPhone!" ads, which I've detailed below. Interestingly enough, they were restricted to the biggest of big cities, as far as I could tell (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston) and I could track down only one that promised a genuinely wacky trade (White Stripes tickets for an iPhone).

Nevertheless, I think it's safe to say that things will be kind of nuts starting around 6 a.m. on Friday. Maybe even earlier.

Easier money than forwarding that chain letter? (Santa Monica, Calif.)
iPhone LineSitter Wanted - Easy $. "I am looking for several people who will wait in line for me to buy the new Apple iPhone on Friday, June 29...You need to be reliable, mature, and patience will definitely be a plus! What you do while you're in line is your business, but unless you devise a foolproof strategy, you cannot leave the line."

Wow, Jack and Meg just got shafted (Chicago, Ill.)
TRADE: WHITE STRIPE TICKETS BOTH SHOWS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY - $1. "Got a few extra tickets for the BOTH White Stripes, total of 10 extra tickets. I brought them on the presale, so they being ship to me. I am looking for an Iphone. I am going , and new to chicago so will be going alone. so 10 are up for grabs...10 tickets for an iphone. STRAIGHT UP! which is RETAIL for RETAIL. so it is fair. if nobody has an iphone for trade might look for something else. but i want an iphone. not sure what white stripe tickets are selling for, but they did soldout very quickly."

Oh, the opportunism (SoHo, N.Y.)
Apple iPhone - For Sale. "I will be buying a few iPhones next Friday, June 29th...I am charging approximately $150 over the cost of the iPhone (with tax)...4GB iPhone: $700...8GB iPhone: $800...When the initial batch of iPhones are all sold, the prices will jump considerably, so reserve one with me now. I am honest and reliable." Yeah, but aren't they only going to let you buy one?

The bidding war is on (New York, N.Y.)
Wait in line for Iphone for me! "I need someone to wait in line for an iPhone for me. The iPhone is supposed to go on sale Friday June 29th at 6pm. You could wait in line at any of the three Apple Stores on Long Island (Smithtown Mall, Walt Whitman, or Roosevelt Field)...I'm not sure when you need to be in line, but I will find out this week." The bidding's on at DoMyStuff.com. Doesn't look like you'll really make a whole lot of bank on this one.

This is what sick days are for (Cupertino, Calif.)
I want an iphone, but i cant skip work. "I want an iphone! but I cant skip work. I'm looking for someone willing to stand in line for me starting thursday afternoon, camp out, and trade spots with me around 4-5pm friday...It seems like the asking price for people to stand in line is 200-300 dollars (however i have seen offers for 150). but I want to make SURE that i get one, and I'm pretty much willing to pay the 200-300 extra for it...contact me and make me an offer - if i dont get any, i may have to camp out myself and just get in trouble with work :)"

Updated: Get Paid To Wait In Line... For An iPhone (Midtown). "Ok, so here's the deal. I need an iPhone. Like, really need an iPhone. It's so bad, I've taken to carrying around my paper cut-out just to get used to the size...ANYWAY, I'm looking for 1 or 2 industrious folks to setup camp outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store 6:00am, Wednesday the 27th until 6:00pm on Friday the 29th. That's 60 hours of chilling and doing nothing... and getting paid...Interested applicants should have experience waiting in line. You are responsible for any supplies, food, etc. that you may need during your stay. If you want to be considered for this rather bizarre, very odd, and slightly fun assignment, please get in touch right away..." The post then links to the Gridskipper camp-out guide.

Professional? Do you have references? (Dedham, Mass.)
Professional Line waiter for Iphone - $250. "Attention all apple fanboys/girls, are you interested in the apple's newest gadget, the iPhone? Do you want to avoid the long lines, and be reserved a spot near the front? Well I am offering the perfect service for you: I will arrive at the Dedham at&t at whatever time you request, starting from 6 p.m thurday night, to anytime after that. My fee will depend on what time you have me start at, anywhere between $250 and $300. At sometime around 5:30, we will swap places, allowing you to be near the front! Here is how payment will work, meet me there when I am starting my campout, and pay me half. After that, at around 5:30, you will give me the other half, and we will switch spots in line. Please respond." If he's a professional, I want to see documentation that he managed to get a PS3 on opening night.

OK, we know you want an iPhone (Deer Park, N.Y.)
Need placeholder for overnight at AT&T before iPhone release. "I want an iPhone. I need someone to go to the AT&T store on Deer Park Ave. in Deer Park on Thursday PM 6/28 and wait until I come about 8 AM Friday morning to take the place in line. I would meet you at the store the PM before."

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (Santa Monica, Calif.)
Looking for someone to wait in line for an iPhone. "I am looking for someone who can wait in line for me to buy the new Apple iPhone on Friday, June 29 - I have to travel for work that day, or I'd be out waiting myself. Our target is the Apple Store at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. The gig starts at 5am and ends at about 5pm. You need to be reliable and focused on the success bonus...Let's make this happen." This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

You're still going to have to pay me a lot more than $75 (Queens, N.Y.)
CAN YOU WAIT ON LINE TO GET THE iPHONE FOR ME? "Not doing anything this Friday? Wanna make a quick $75? Wait on the line for me and/or buy the iPhone for me and you make a quick $75! There are "line-waiters" advertising on CraigsList who are charging $250, but guess what? Nobody is going to pay someone $250 for an already expensive phone! Get real folks! I'm for real, and I will pay someone (you!) $75 to wait on line for me or buy me the iPhone. I would prefer for someone to wait at the Apple Store at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City. So if you live out on Long Island and have nothing to do on Friday, June 29, then why not make a quick $75? This offer is ideal for any high school student looking to make a quick easy $75. Email me back as soon as possible so that we can work out the details over the phone. Until then, take care."