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iPhone Baby Cam app makes your baby smile...maybe

Part of the company's "sound camera" series of iPhone apps, the Baby Cam draws your baby's attention with a collection of lifelike sounds.

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Part of the company's "sound camera" series of iPhone apps, Appliya's Baby Cam draws your baby's attention with a collection of 15 realistic sounds. You get everything from bells and a rattle to familiar melodies. Play the sound, hit the shutter. That'll be 99 cents, please?

This'll probably work well with pets, too, though the "Notes" section for the product listing in Apple's App Store warns, "Do not use this application with other creatures." Then again, it also warns:

Some babies might become upset, while others will get very excited at the sounds in this application. We advise you to first use the application at distance to see how the baby will react. We are not responsible for freak baby attacks.

There's a video on the Appliya Web site showing the app in action at a Tokyo daycare center. Needless to say, they don't show any "freak baby attacks."

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