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iPhone app helps you care for four-legged friends

An iPhone app called Pet First Aid teaches you how to take care of dogs and cats.

I'm not a pet owner anymore (it's a long and painful story; please don't ask!), but as I have written about a First Aid app for humans, it's only fair I write about one designed with animals in mind. (OK, I admit it, secretly I also want to make sure I remain on PETA's favorite list).

Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET

The app's name is (you guessed it!) Pet First Aid. It works with both the iPhone and iPod Touch and is a product of PetTech of Vacaville and JiveMedia (which is the same company that wrote the First Aid app for humans).

It's basically a quick manual that teaches you to take care of your dogs and cats. Topics range from daily mishaps like choking or scratches to common diseases and how to safely transport pets.

The app also has a section where you can store pets' medical data, as well as record their vaccinations, veterinarian contact info, allergies, and so on.

You can learn from detailed articles, video, and step-by-step illustrations that show exactly what to do when caring for your pet. The video section of the app includes tutorials on restraint, muzzling, CPR, bandaging, and the like. The best thing about this is all content is downloaded on your phone, meaning you can learn about this even when offline, a useful pastime for your long flight, for example.

I tried the app on my iPhone 3GS and found it very informative, with easy-to-follow instructions. Now I wish I had this when I was still a happy, allergy-free pet owner...

Unfortunately, caring for your pet never comes free. The Pet First Aid app costs $3.99 at Apple's App Store, the same amount as the similar app for humans. At least in this regard, human and animals are treated equally for once.