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Can an iPhone survive a 100-foot fall in a chocolate bunny?

Watch as an iPhone 7 gets the ultimate durability test, with only an Easter treat to protect it from an impressive drop.

YouTube channel GizmoSlip regularly conducts gadget durability tests. For Easter, the team decided to cram an iPhone 7 inside a large chocolate bunny, then drop it from 100 feet (about 30 meters).

In the video, posted Saturday, the GizmoSlip team accidentally drops the iPhone 7 on the ground before even putting it inside the chocolate bunny again to let it fall from the intended spot.

The team brushes it off and puts the iPhone 7 back inside the rabbit.

The bunny is placed inside a plastic carrier attached to a quadcopter that will have the honor of dropping it.

The video shows the candy bunny being dropped from the quadcopter in both real time and in slow motion.

The results are interesting. The phone's screen shatters, but does it turn on and still work? Watch the video to find out.