iPhone 7 reportedly catches fire, destroys surfer's wheels

An Australian surfer says he returned from the waves to find his car ruined after his Apple phone apparently caught fire.

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Andrew Morse
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A surfer in Australia says his iPhone 7 can't surf the web anymore.

Mat Jones told Yahoo7 News that his week-old device caught fire while he was hitting the waves on Australia's beautiful south coast. The fire ruined his car.

Jones, who's described as a surf instructor, said he hadn't dropped the phone or used a foreign charger to power it, according to Yahoo7 News. He said he left the device under some clothes during his surf session.

A video of his smoking device has been posted online.

The reported immolation follows Samsung's recall of its Galaxy Note 7 device after some caught fire. The situation with the Note 7 was so extreme, the US banned the device on airplanes.

There's no evidence of a broad issue with the iPhone 7.

Apple says it's in touch with the customer and investigating the incident.

CNET couldn't immediately locate Jones. Of course, there's plenty of coast in Australia.