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Some iPhone 7 owners say their phones are having hissing fits

Technically Incorrect: A video posted to YouTube suggests Apple's new phone hisses under stress.

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Watch this: Does iPhone 7 have a hissing problem?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

It's a brand new iPhone.

It doesn't appear to enjoy an exploding battery.

Could it be that iPhone 7 is simply a seminal delight?

Not according to some excited owners.

Stephen Hackett of the 512 Pixels site says his iPhone 7 Plus has hissing fits. He says he was restoring his phone from iCloud when it started making sounds like a snake.

He posted a video to YouTube.

It does, indeed, sound like there's some odd sibilance going on.

Hackett says that the noise appeared to be coming from the back of the phone. He wonders whether it's coming from the central processing unit.

Hackett says he's heard from a few people who have suffered from the same issue. On Twitter, there are also reports from customers who say they have experienced the problem.

Apple politely declined to comment. I understand, however, that the company believes that many of its products make similar sounds and this is nothing to be concerned about.

Hackett says he called AppleCare, which he said agreed to replace the phone.

It's unclear how widespread this might be. It is, therefore, too early to create the hashtag #Hissingate.

At least that's what I thought before discovering that someone already has. The Twitterer @Plava displayed the hashtag with the thoughtful words: "no new iphone launch without a gate."

Can #hissingate become even more entertaining than Bendgate?

Or is it just hissing in the wind?

Updated 1.21pm: adds comment from Apple.