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Can an iPhone 7 survive a 100-foot drop inside a football?

Can an iPhone 7 tucked inside a football come out whole after being dropped from a drone? Watch this NFL Super Bowl episode from GizmoSlip.

Love or hate football, the latest iPhone 7 drop test from YouTube tech channel GizmoSlip is a kick.

In the video, posted Saturday in honor of Sunday's big game, the GizmoSlip team places an iPhone 7 inside an official NFL-size football and drops the ball 100 feet (about 30 meters) from a drone to see if the ball can protect the device.

To conduct their experiment, the GizmoSlip team rips open a football, nestles a new iPhone 7 inside, then glues and pumps the ball back up. They toss the ball around before dropping it from a very large quadcopter drone.

GizmoSlip regularly conducts tech durability tests. For this one, the the guys drops the football not once, but twice, from the impressive height. The phone takes a beating. but besides a slight bending of the frame, it still works like brand new.

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