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iPhone 5S fingerprint ID seems to work with other body parts, too

According to one intrepid man's experiments, you can unlock your new iPhone with your toes, but the nose is a no-go.

The iPhone 5S can get to know your toes, but not your nose.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

If you're one of those paranoid types who worries that the iPhone 5S and its new fingerprint sensor could lead to a rash of finger amputations by would-be thieves, the below videos could offer some comfort -- or lead to even gorier nightmares.

According to Japan's Rocket News, it appears to be possible to register other uniquely "printed" parts of your body on your iPhone 5S and use them to unlock the phone. In this first demonstration, the phone is successfully unlocked with a man's nipple. He then passes the device on to his friend, and the iPhone fails to recognize his buddy's bosom.

Pressing onward with the experimentation, our researcher then registers his toe on the sensor and also uses it to unlock the phone. But the most bizarre move comes at the end of the video, when he attempts -- and fails -- to register his nose with the sensor. Let's hope he cleaned all that toe jam off the screen beforehand.

(Via Kotaku)