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iPhone 5 spoof video features a 795 percent taller screen

The iPhone 5's most noticeable new hardware feature gets the ribbing it's been asking for in a video that explores the great lengths Apple has gone to for its latest smartphone.

iPhone 5 spoof
This iPhone screen goes beyond 11.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

It's the logical next step in iPhone development: a much, much, much longer screen. It's 18 percent thinner and 795 percent taller than the previous iPhone. A parody video has popped up on YouTube to tout the phone's ability to reduce "scrolling fatigue" and offer full-body FaceTime.

The video, called "A Taller Change Than Expected" comes from YouTube comedy troupe Satire, makers of the "We're NASA and We Know It" video. NASA Mohawk Guy, complete with stars in his hair, makes a cameo appearance rocking his extra-long iPhone 5 as a guitar.

With an iPhone 5 of such great proportions, we're treated to truly panoramic photography, amazing reception, and a lightsaber app that rivals the real thing in size. With smartphones screens growing all the time, this might not be the most far-fetched idea in the world.