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iPhone 5 launch-day mania

Apple's map troubles haven't stopped the iPhone 5 launch-day crowds. CNET Update talks to fanatics in line at the Cube in New York City.

Friday's CNET Update visits the iPhone fanboys and fangirls:

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Six years after the first iPhone, people are still excited and lining up at stores around the globe. The iPhone 5 launched in nine countries Friday morning, and Australia was the first to sell it. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was seventh in line at a store in Australia just to say he was one of the first in the world to get one. (That put him 17 hours ahead of customers in California.)

For today's show I interviewed the loyal Apple fans waiting at the iconic 5th Ave. Apple store in New York City, asking what they think about the new model. Everyone I spoke to was not too concerned with the glitches in Apple's new Maps app. Some either were not aware, or had faith that Apple would quickly improve it.

This is the first time the iPhone can tap into 4G LTE wireless speeds, which can be faster than home Wi-Fi. Although Verizon has the largest coverage area for LTE, the majority of those in line at the Cube said they were sticking with AT&T.

Hazem Sayed was the first in line at the Cube, waiting eight days for his iPhone 5. He did it as a stunt to promote Vibe, a social networking app he created. Sitting through rainstorms took a toll on his health -- he says he caught a cold -- but the exposure to him was worth it.

Many of the first in line were sponsored by companies, wearing logos to get a free iPhone. Several customers were sponsored by Gazelle. Case maker Otterbox handed out T-shirts, backpacks of survival swag and free cases to fans in line.

Update viewers also sent in photos of iPhone lines from their neighborhoods:

- Seems relaxed at this AT&T store in Tucson, Ariz. via @jkwong111

- Long wait at Grand Central Station Apple store in New York via @esmoltz

- Early morning line at AT&T store in Chattanooga, Tenn. via @DaleyDaley27

- This shopping area had both an AT&T and Verizon in Windermere, Fla. via @loumongello

- The iPhones were stolen (story here) from this O2 store in London, so @turbolee said he had to find another store.

- At least there were chairs at Telstra Casuarina in Darwin, Australia. This was taken by @D3wizl as customer #44 was being served.

- This was the line a half hour before opening at this Optus store in Sydney, via @erichohh

- But my favorite has to be this image shared by @engweichua, taken at a London train station.


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