iPhone 5, iOS 6 Maps and the new thin PS3 in Podcast 306

iOS 6 has arrived, and brought a right old map scrap, so we ask: is it time to kill software updates completely?

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Richard Trenholm
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Anyone relying on Apple's new iOS 6 Maps app might find themselves lost -- lost in a storm of controversy. As iOS 6 arrives to mixed reaction, we decide whether software updates are more trouble than they're worth.

Join the CNET UK team as we break out our map and compass and venture down to the podcast studio to discuss the burning technology questions of this week.

Rich, Andy and Luke get all excited about the top tech of the week, including the HTC 8X and HTC 8S Windows Phone phones, and the new slim Sony PlayStation 3.

Plus, we turn to you, eager listener, for your thoughts in the feedback section. Do you feel cheated by the coming of 4G if you've just bought a new phone? What do you think of the Samsung ad extracting the proverbial out of Apple fans? And which is the better buy: the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the iPhone 5?

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