iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III head to head... in a blender

Which super smartphone holds up longer against high speed blades, and which makes the best milkshake?

Eric Mack Contributing Editor
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Eric Mack
Apples are an ingredient in many smoothies, after all... Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Just when I thought the iPhone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy S3 torture head-to-head trend couldn't go any further, Blendtec has upped the ante again.

The company has been reducing various gadgets and more to little more than silicon and carbon dust for years now in its "Will it Blend" series on YouTube.

While we've seen the iPhone hold up a little better than the GS3 in drop tests and other sadistic face-offs of late, it seems to hold out against Blendtec's high-speed blades a bit longer. But in the end, both phones wind up as what looks like a heap of ash.

Check out the video below. Now that we've seen iDevices dropped from planes, melted in hot lava, and turned into a smoothie, please let us know if there's any other torture tests left that you'd like to see. Perhaps a perfectly good phone dropped in acid? Tarred and feathered? Stomped on by a "Gangnam Style" flash mob?

(Via Mashable)